Saxophone Teachers

Jacob Armstrong, Saxophone, Clarinet & Recorder Teacher
MM University of Toronto
BM University of Ottawa
RCMusic Certified Specialist Teacher for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Saxophone
RCMusic Certified Specialist Teacher for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Theory

Jacob Armstrong, Saxophone teacher

He received his M.M. in saxophone performance at the University of Toronto with Wallace Halladay. Jacob was awarded the James Morton Woodwind and Lise Laneville scholarships, while at the University of Ottawa.

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Lucas MacPhail, Saxophone, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon and Recorder
MM University of Toronto
BM University of PEI

Lucas MacPhail, Saxophone teacher

Saxophonist Lucas MacPhail has performed as a soloist with the PEI Symphony Orchestra, the University of Toronto Wind Ensemble and at the Indian River Festival. Recent engagments include a Children’s Outreach with the Toronto Symphony and the York Region Chamber Music Festival. At the University of Toronto, he studied saxophone with Wallace Halladay. Born in Charlottetown, PEI, Lucas always looks forward to returning to the Island’s vibrant musical community to refresh his roots. He also teaches beginning clarinet, oboe and bassoon to RCMusic level 6.

Saxophone Tone Quality

The quality of tone produced relates to the placement of the lips on the mouthpiece. It is recommended to begin with the lips one-half to three-quarters onto the mouthpiece and reed. If the mouthpiece is too far into the mouth, the tone will be honky; if it is not in far enough, the sound will be thin and airy.

Saxophone Air Stream

While fingers will depress the keys to produce notes, good players are able to play notes with the mouthpiece only through tongue placement. Lower notes use an “o” sound as in “open” with the tongue low in the mouth and a “u” sound as in “umbrella”. Middle range notes use an “ee” sound as in “see”, while high notes require an “i” sound as in “is”.

Intermediate and advanced players benefit from 10 minutes of exercises using only the mouthpiece to refine the shape of the lower lip of the embouchure.

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