Classical Guitar CD: Forest Scenes Guitar Solos

Americas CD
Lynn Harting-Ware, classical guitar

Goldberg Variations*, Bach;
Forest Scenes*, Ware;
Hebraic Contrasts*, Rollin;
Reverie and March*, Harting-Ware;
Drone*, Smoot.
"The most successful guitar version of Bach's Goldberg Variations I've heard." Ottawa Citizen, CN

Forest Scenes features classical guitarist Lynn Harting-Ware performing a challenging program, notable for her arranged selections from Bach’s celebrated Goldberg Variations. While the bins are full of virtuoso harpsichordists and pianists, this is the premiere recording on a solo guitar. William Littler of The Toronto Star writes: "There are some interesting original works on guitarist Lynn Harting-Ware’s new album - by Robert Rollin, Richard Jordan Smoot, her husband Peter Ware (who wrote the title work, Forest Scenes) and the performer herself - but what makes it particularly interesting is Harting-Ware’s arrangement of Bach’s Goldberg Variations. Granted, she gives us only 10 of the 30 variations and has only six strings at her disposal, but it is nonetheless fascinating to hear how adaptable contrapuntal music is to a change of instruments." This exciting recording offers an extended play of 75 minutes in which the guitarist conveys a genuine lyricism and powerful expression.

GXD-5734 (CD, DDD) UPC: 640139573428
Total Time = 74:50

*Works published by Acoma Company

Ms. Harting-Ware performs exclusively on D'Addario strings.

Her compact disc recordings include The Many Moods of the Guitar (GXD 5732), Impossible Dream (GXD 5733), Forest Scenes (GXD 5734) , Americas (GXD 5736), and Angelica (5735).

Her commitment to developing the classical guitar repertory leads her to publish a catalog of classical guitar music for Acoma•Nambe Editions.